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    Our Vision

    To be the hottest thing in frozen foods.

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    Five different regions of the world

    At Julie Mango’s, you will embark on a journey of colourful new flavours and exotic spices, knowing that your food has been cooked with the utmost care to be as convenient and healthy as possible.

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    Our Idea

    Travel the World, One Bite at a Time

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    Welcome to Julie Mango’s

    We opened to the public in September 2013. Our owner’s mom inspired our store, and thus this store is dedicated to her.
    I can assure you that here at Julie Mango’s we are proud of what we do and what we can offer you.

  • service1 Mediterranean
  • service2 North America
  • service3 South America
  • service4 Caribbean & Africa
  • service5 Asia
  • service6 Other

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